Twitch may be working on new measures against troll attacks

Especially against Twitch troll attacks, which reached the peak this summer, the streaming platform can introduce the “phone number verification system”.

Rumor has it that Twitch is working on a new system that will protect streamers from troll attacks. allegedly TwitchTVWith the new system it is working on, it will ask for phone number confirmation from users who want to comment on broadcasters’ chat channels. The email confirmation system was already on Twitch, but it’s pretty easy to create an alternate email address. Phone number confirmation is expected to give streamers some relief from the “anonymity” scourge of Twitch.

Twitch troll attacks revolted publishers

In the system that Twitch is alleged to be working on, broadcasters will be able to request everyone participating in their chats to have both a verified email and a verified phone number. Twitch has recently caught sight of people who abuse Twitch subscription refunds.

If Twitch enables this system, if you are a streamer, you will be able to request confirmation of their e-mail address and/or phone number from your viewers -before commenting on your chat.

Although it is not as easy as an e-mail address, it is of course possible to obtain a fake phone number in various ways. However, this system can deter friends who do not want to go to that much trouble to troll. Time will tell what other measures Twitch will take in the future to reduce toxicity on the platform.

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