Twitter Communities focused on specific topics announced

Character-limited platform of social media twitter, today Twitter Communities came up with. The firm enters a new era initiating.

twitterannounced today, “Communities” It makes it much better for people to chat on specific topics. The platform, which will allow people to be included in more than one community, aims to send certain content to these communities, not to all followers, and thus to establish more private chats.

Twitter, which shows how the moderation-based feature works, which is similar to Facebook’s Group infrastructure, with the following GIF animation, is reported to have started as a test for the feature. Here it is said:

“Currently, it’s being offered as a pilot launch to a small group of first test group participants on Communities, iOS, and the web. Android is available as a read-only version. “

Of course, the feature, which will be open to everyone in the future, looks pretty good for those who want to follow specific topics and just like to talk about certain topics. Of course, time will tell how popular the feature will be.

Here’s the company’s statement for Twitter Communities:

“Twitter Communities were created to give people a private place to connect, share, and stay up-to-date on the discussions they care about most.

Communities are started and moderated by admins and moderators on Twitter who enforce Community guidelines and keep conversations informative, relevant and entertaining. People who accept the invitation to join the community become members.

Tweets in Communities are publicly visible on Twitter, but only others within the Community can join the discussion.”

Twitter has recently come to the fore with another good step.

twitter profiles are often used to get information about a person. acts as a public board. That’s why many people who don’t want to make their profile private give up or hesitate to write most things that come to mind. Because what is written remains retroactive and does not want them to be featured by someone, for example, 1 year later.

Request twitter He wants to take a step towards this. It is said that the company is developing an infrastructure that automatically archives the tweets after 30, 60, 90 days or a year, that is, hides them. This looks really nice and is already pleasing many people.

Meanwhile, the company organize your followers He also wants to allow. In this way, users can access people they do not want. Looks like he can remove them from their follower list without blocking.

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