Twitter has found a new place to put ads in apps

Character-limited platform of social media twitterToday, it is on the agenda with an advertising-oriented development that attracts reaction. taking.

Twitter, It is among the social media platforms that cannot survive without advertisements like its competitors. The company, which is already showing serious advertisements in the main stream, has found a new place for itself in this regard.

According to the official statement, advertisements may be displayed in front of users in tweet replies soon. Already iOS and Android If the new period tested by everyone is activated for everyone, the answers listed one after the other will be divided by advertisements.

For now, it is not clear whether this new period will be activated with 100% certainty. Company official Bruce Falckstates that these ads will be analyzed through tests. In other words, if the results do not come out as desired, the process can be shelved. Users, on the other hand, express that they do not like this new structure at all.


Twitter recently rolled out a useful feature.

With this new feature we mentioned, people will now be able to customize their followers. In this way unfollow someone without blocking it’s going to be possible.

Thanks to this feature, you will be able to organize the people you do not want to follow you in a simple way. It’s nice that this feature offers without blocking here. twitterIt has made the process quite simple.

To unfollow someone without blocking, on the profile “follower” section and enter the desired person there.remove this follower‘ is enough to say. The company here has this warning: takes off: “@xxxx will be removed from followers and will not be notified by Twitter. He may follow you again in the future.”

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