Valve releases ‘Steam Deck Introduction’ video

Valve draws attention to both some technical features of the product and the new Steam panel with the Steam Deck Introduction video.

Promoting Steam Deck as “the most powerful handheld game in the world”, Valve released a video about the controls, fidelity and integration with Steam. “Just sign in and play.” The company, which set out with the slogan, also mentioned many features of the product in this video. Choosing Youtube for the Steam Deck promotion, Valve has not uploaded any content to its channel for a long time. At least he activated the channel.

Valve releases ‘Steam Deck Introduction’ video

Valve also points out that Deck is running a new version of Steam “focused on handheld gaming” with “features you’ve come to expect” like cloud saving and Steam chat.

You can also watch this video below, which is an opportunity for us to see how fluent the games are.

People who’ve tried the Steam Deck have so far noted its size and weight, but seem impressed, saying it’s comfortable and easy to use. Steam Deck seems like a reasonable option for people looking to upgrade their PC.

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