Warioware: Get it Together review

In our WarioWare: Get It Together review content, we delve into the fun world of mini-games and touch on the general dynamics of the game.

WarioWare: Get It Together, Nintendo’s mascot character Wario as an alternative to Mario and its fun mini-games brings to Nintendo Switch consoles. Let’s take a look at how well WarioWare: Get It Together has done with its new gameplay system that changes according to the character and its absurd/fun mini-games.

Warioware: Get it Together review

I Think There’s a Glitch in the Game

It’s not hard to guess that Wario is a somewhat suspicious character when you first see him. You might get the impression that he is “Bad Mario”, but this is also wrong, we can say that he is an interesting character who only pursues questionable things. The team working on new video games together with the team that gathers types with different characters is dreaming of the income they will gain from the sale. But the glitches that are inevitable in every video game cause the Wario team to be drawn into their own game. We’re starting to get the game out of this world, cleaning up the game that’s been corrupted by glitch, and getting the game ready for sale.

Each character has a separate section designed in the game, and each section has its own story. To give an example, when a chapter about animals is taken over by glitch, we complete the mini-games using the characters we have and let the animals be free again. When a certain number of mini-games are completed, we find the bug in the section and fix it.

The story part is not very long and it is possible to finish it in a few hours with the newly added continuation system. I found it sufficient for a game with hundreds of minigames in it.

Warioware: Get it Together review

Very Interesting Mini-Games

Warioware games are known to consist of interesting mini-games that do not adhere to a certain order. WarioWare: Get It Together continues this tradition. In one game, we deliver the lost kitten to its mother, while in the other, we free the cat’s paw from the pinch or make choices that test our attention. Of course, do not forget that these mini-games are parts that tell us what to do with only one word in an average of 7 seconds, and it is possible to make mistakes in the panic of “what should I do”.

The biggest change that came with WarioWare: Get It Together has been the characters. Each character in the game has a different trait, which means you have to finish a minigame you played before with a different approach. Wario flies and punches with his jetpack on his back, Cricket can run and jump like a standard platform character, Mona is constantly moving left and right with her unstoppable motorcycle and boomerang. There are an average of 200 mini-games that you can complete with 18 different characters and each of them different features. Some characters also have various features such as having two characters and one attacking to the right while the other to attacking to the left.

Warioware: Get it Together review

The mini-games in the story mode come in accordance with the concept of the chapter you entered. Concepts such as food, animals, music and classic video games were chosen in accordance with the nature of the character who designed the episode. I especially loved the classic video games section. Fire Emblem has sections from familiar Nintendo games, such as choosing the right “romance” dialogue, helping Luigi find the ghost, and completing a classic Mario episode. Moreover, since one of the characters in our team came randomly, we had to develop tactics with 18-Volt in the last episode by flying with Wario. Usually we need to do it within 7 seconds, you can guess the fun.

More Fun with the Crowd

When the story mode, which we can play with one or two people, is over (for a period not exceeding 3 or 4 hours), we have unlocked all the characters and are ready to play other modes. Thanks to the “leveling up” system added to the game after the story, we can develop the characters and unlock the locked objects consisting entirely of cosmetic items. In order to open these objects, we buy a gift with the money we collect by completing the game in the game and give it to the character we want. It’s a fun system, but you might not be interested as it doesn’t add any achievement systems or gameplay-changing features. A purely visual progression. It is also possible to participate in weekly challenges.

Warioware: Get it Together review

The real highlight of the game is the part where it is played with other people. We have the option to play most of the mini-games in the game with our friends or against each other. In the section called “Gotta Bounce”, we work together not to drop the ball on the ground. In the Balloon Bang mode, we try to make the balloon explode in the hands of the opposing team, alone or with our teammate. There are also sections with direct one-on-one fights such as Duelius Maximus and Rising Star. Moreover, it is not necessary to be a video game player to be able to play mini-games. Anyone who plays a little games can easily play these games.


WarioWare: Get It Together, Nintendo has managed to take the most greedy and suspicious character and present it to us with a very entertaining party game. There are problems with some characters and mini-games being similar to each other, short storyline, and little things to do if you’re playing alone. With some characters, the mini-games get pointlessly difficult. Still, when I think about it, I remember that this game came out with a price tag of $ 50 and was essentially a party game designed to be played with other people or to open it in limited time and finish a chapter or two.

Warioware: Get it Together review

WarioWare: Get It Together is a game where all kinds of players can have a good time and especially people who come together can play with laughter. It properly does justice to its $50 price tag. It’s not a game you can play for tens of hours on your own, but while you’re waiting for your turn somewhere, turn on the Switch for three or five hours. mini game a different production that you can play. Its main strength will be revealed when playing with your friends.

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