What is D3Dcompiler_47.dll error, how to fix it? Photoshop D3Dcompiler_47.dll error solution


The D3dcompiler_47.dll file is known as the dynamic link library file name. There may be some errors in this file sometimes. However, there are also solutions to fix these errors.

What is D3dcompiler_47.dll Error?

DLL files are used to store some procedures and codes in Windows programs. D3dcompiler_47.dll is used for dynamic link files.

The purpose of this file is to ensure that the information of the programs are used together and to create DLL files in order to protect the memory. In addition, it allows the coding of more than one application to be changed without the need for the user to change the application.

How To Fix D3dcompiler_47.dll Error?

The D3dcompiler_47.dll file is not harmful to the computer. It is not possible to directly execute DLL files. But it is possible to be called with a different code that was previously executed. DLL and EXE files are similar in format.

The d3dcompiler_47.dll error message is a common error. If the D3dcompiler_47.dll file is corrupt or missing, most of the programs, especially the operating system, can be affected.


The most effective way to fix the D3dcompiler_47.dll file would be to use the System File Checker, which can be used to replace missing and corrupted system files.

How To Fix Photoshop D3dcompiler_47.Dll Error?

To resolve the Photoshop D3dcompiler_47.Dll error, you must first right-click the Start button and click the WinX button. From here, it is necessary to click on the Command Manager link.

Type sfc /scannow command in the CMD window. Then the scan is started. This scan can take about 10 minutes. After completion, the computer must be restarted. Running the sfc /scannow command at startup and in safe mode produces a better result. Photoshop D3dcompiler_47.Dll error can be solved in this way. In addition, this error can be fixed by updating the drivers.

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