What Is The Pi Sign And How Is It Made? Making a Pi Symbol with a Keyboard


The Pi sign usually does not have a shortcut on keyboards. For this reason, some key combinations must be used while making this sign. Making the pi (π) sign with the keys on the keyboard is quite simple.

What is Pi Sign and How Is It Made?

The number pi is obtained by dividing the circumference of the circle by its diameter. It is expressed as an irrosian mathematical constant. The name of this symbol is derived from the Greek word for environment. Pi number is also expressed as Archimedes Constant by Ludolph.

In 2010, a scientist named Fabrica Bellard found the number up to 2699999990000 digits thanks to the chudnocsky algorithm. According to sources, the number pi (π) was first used by Archimedes. Archimedes found a way to calculate this number. In this way, the pi number was found to be between 3 + 1/7 and 3 + 10/71.

The number of pi can be found with the character map table. First, this table opens and the font style is selected as Calibri. Then the code 03C0 is written in the unicode part. After this code is written, the pi (π) symbol will appear. Press the select button to add the Pi symbol to the text. In this way, this symbol is easily added to the text.


Pi (π) symbol can also be added to the text by copy paste operation. For this, first press CTRL + C and copy the symbol. Then CTRL + V is pasted where you want to add it.

How to Make Pi Symbol with Keyboard?

Pi symbol can be made by using a set of keys on the keyboard. For this, it is necessary to use the Alt + 227 key combination. From here, first press the alt key on the left of the spacebar. While continuing to press the Alt key, it is necessary to press the 2-2-7 keys in sequence. In this way, the symbol pi (π) is obtained.

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