What you need to know for Windows 11 upgrade

Is your computer ready for the Windows 11 upgrade? In the article, you will find the answers to the questions of Windows System Requirements, release date, price and what is TPM.

At the end of June, Microsoft officially announced the upcoming Windows 11 operating system, the biggest Windows update in six years. If you are planning to migrate to this operating system, Windows 11 upgrade You must be ready. Here’s what you need to know.

What you need to know for Windows 11 upgrade

First, we need to answer the following questions. What does the new operating system mean to you, how does it differ from the current operating system version, and is your computer ready for the update?

Main features of Windows 11

Each version of Windows includes its own modifications and features. However, most of the new OS features are aesthetic and the graphics look even more impressive.

You can have more information about the operating system by reading our article named Windows 11 technical specifications.

System requirements for Windows 11

If you purchased your computer within the last five years, it is expected to meet the operating system requirements.

To find out what requirements your computer should meet, visit Microsoft’s official website this link you can use.

You can also download and install the open source WhyNotWin11 app, which will check its components and features and let you know if your computer is ready for upgrade.

Microsoft has stated that computers that need to be updated should have something called a TPM chip. Available on all computers with 8th generation Intel processors or higher, or AMD processors based on the Zen+ architecture.

What is TPM?

Basically, the TPM is a small chip on your computer’s motherboard that is sometimes separate from the main CPU and memory. The chip is similar to the keypad you use to disable your home security alarm every time you walk through the door, or the authentication app you use on your phone to log into your bank account. Turning on your computer is like opening the front door of your home and then logging in with your username and password. If you cannot log in within the specified time, your access to the system will also be blocked.

Release date and price

Microsoft did not give an official release date for the official release. However, a leak suggests that October could be the official launch date.

Some computer manufacturers have started preparations for the new operating system. Existing Windows 10 users can upgrade for free in early 2022 if the computers meet the requirements.

Microsoft is expected to sell the version of the new operating system in its store for $100 to $200.

Also, if you’re a Windows Insider subscriber, you can download a public trial.

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