WhatsApp kicks off the era of end-to-end encrypted backups

One of the most used instant messaging applications in the market WhatsApphas launched its new security feature, which has been on the agenda for a long time.

WhatsApp, that they are fully starting the era of end-to-end encrypted backups today. announced. The company made the following official statement on this issue: “WhatsApp was built around a simple idea: Everything you share with friends and family stays between you and them. Five years ago, we added end-to-end encryption by default. This feature maintains over 100 billion daily messages circulating among more than 2 billion users today.

While the end-to-end encrypted messages you send and receive are stored on your device, many people also demand a way to back up their chats in case they lose their phone.

Starting today, We offer an optional extra layer of security to protect backups stored in Google Drive or iCloud with end-to-end encryption. No other global messaging service of this scale provides this level of security for its users’ messages, media, voicemails, video calls and chat backups.

Now you can secure your end-to-end encrypted backup with a password of your choice or a 64-digit encryption key known only to you. WhatsApp or your backup service provider cannot read your backups and cannot access the key needed to unlock them.

We will gradually roll out this feature to those who have the latest version of WhatsApp. Learn more about how to protect your chat backups with end-to-end encryption on iOS and Android. here, if you want to know more about how we created them here you can find.”

This optional feature looks pretty good at seriously protecting chat backups in the cloud. The company, which has had major problems with privacy / security in the past months, is still the pioneer and the most used in the field, despite losing a lot of users to Telegram.


WhatsApp was recently on the agenda with voice message steps

WhatsApp, Recently, it has been involved in important studies on voicemail. The company provides users with the latest iOS. will allow translation for voice messages made a sound with the news.

For those who do not know, thanks to this feature, users will be able to see incoming voice messages in written form and quickly switch to the desired section. According to the data obtained, no data will be sent to WhatsApp or Facebook for translation in the process, and neither name will be able to access the translated messages.

Another study on voicemail has come to the fore in the past days, and it has been revealed that a player for voice messages has come to the application. In this way, people will be able to listen to a voice message they receive, even outside the chat window. So when the chat window is closed, the voicemail will not stop.

Recently, there has been a good development regarding the sound recording process. to WABetaInfo According to the company, the voicemail recording process “pause“It brings opportunity. In this way, people will be able to stop the voicemail recording at any time and start it again and continue the recording.

In this way, for example, there will be time to think while recording, and there will be no need to delete and re-do the recording due to certain gaps that normally occur.

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