William Shatner, the actor who plays Captain Kirk, went into space

one of the richest people in the world Jeff Bezos own space company Blue Origin and what was expected for actor William Shatner, who plays Captain Kirk carried out.

You may remember, the owner of Virgin Galactic, billionaire Richard Branson, then the founder and former CEO of Amazon, the second name who went to space with his own space company, albeit for a short time. Jeff Bezos had happened.

Bezos was not alone in this important task. Blue Origin on the firm’s first manned mission Jeff Bezos next to her brother Mark Bezos, 82 years old Mary WallaceFunk and 18 year old Oliver Daemen had gone into space.

Blue Origin’s departure from headquarters in Texas New Shepard It was done by rocket. New Shepard welcomes guests with large windows Crew Capsule 2.0 It took off into space in the spacecraft and then came back and landed vertically.

Next Blue Origin task was just done and Star Trek in the series Captain Kirkworld famous actor who portrayed William Shatner went into space. 90 years old, born in 1931 Shatner, He became the oldest person to venture into space.

In this mission, you get a zero-gravity environment experience for a short time and return smoothly. Shatner He wasn’t alone either. Along with him, Chris Boshuizen, Glen de Vries, and Audrey Powers also had a brief taste of space.


William Shatner has truly seen space now

As you know, Elon Musk and his company SpaceX have also achieved success in this regard. SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk,civilian peopleBlue Origin similarly to space. fully in the task Jared Isaacman, Hayley Arceneaux, Chris Sembroski and Dr. Sian Proctor went into space.

As we stated in this post, Elon Musk did not happen. As we learned in the past months, Elon Musk has bought a ticket from Richard Branson’s company Virgin Galactic to go into space. At the moment, it is still unknown when Musk will go to space.

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