Windows 11 ISO file released

The Windows 11 ISO file, developed by Microsoft with the slogan “If you are a gamer, is for you” has been officially published on the Microsoft website.

Microsoft has released the Windows 11 ISO file. Those who want to try the clean installation process for Windows 11 and prepare a USB file, from this link they can download the file. In order to download this preview of Windows 11, you need to be a member of the Windows Insider program, the program for pre-testing versions of Windows. You can become a member of the program for free and download the ISO file.

How to install Windows 11 ISO preview

If you decide to download the ISO file of Windows 11 to your computer, you can download the new version. system requirements It would be in your best interest to check. The high system requirements of Windows 11 are one of the most striking features of this new version. Also, the released ISO file is not the latest version of Windows 11. Those who download the ISO file, Build 22000.160 They will download the version right after.

If you find that you meet the system requirements of Windows 11, you will need to choose one of the Windows 11 versions in the Windows Insider program. Recommended versions Build 22000.132 (Dev Channel) and Build 22000.132 (Beta Channel)

You can download the Windows 11 ISO file on a computer already running Windows 10, then install Windows 11 either as a regular update or with a clean install. You can also install Windows 11 on a USB and format etc. at another time. Microsoft, to users who want to use Rufus recommends the program.

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