With the iPhone 13 series, calls can be made even if there is no line

Apple’s iPhone 13 mini, 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max There is a really important detail for the models that we have never heard before.

eagerly awaited iPhone 13 family, according to a reliable source 14 September will be introduced at the event to be held on September 17 It will be available for pre-order in the USA on September 24 will be on the shelves.

Here is a detail that has not been on the agenda recently for these models. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a solid source for Apple, the family is It is possible to make phone calls and send messages even if the line is not connected. will recognize.

So how will this really important process work? According to Kuo, phones have special Qualcomm X60 with a chip It will be able to communicate with satellites in low earth orbit.

So who will get support in this process? First name mentioned here Globalstar is happening. iPhone 13 owners can partner with Globalstar in the process, with or without extra charge. It is stated that it can offer communication from space.

There is no information about the scope / coverage of this process yet. However, it is not very possible for the infrastructure to be global in the first stage. It is said that he wants to bring this system to other products in the future. apple, there will be those who remember, has been working for a long time for communication / connection from space.

As you know, SpaceX’s internet-oriented Starlink satellites are also in low earth orbit. However, it seems unlikely that Apple will make a deal with SpaceX for the iPhone 13s.

In the meantime, it is reported that this infrastructure will not remain exclusive to Apple. According to sources, Android phone manufacturers will start offering a similar service on the Qualcomm X60 in 2022. However, the leading name here will be Apple.


Prices for the iPhone 13 family may be as follows

You can review this list, which also gives the RAM values ​​of the phones, to remember it again. Again, let us state that these prices and RAM values ​​are not yet 100 percent certain.

13 mini: “4GB RAM”

  • -For 64GB storage 850 dollars
  • -128GB for storage 927 dollars
  • -256GB for storage $1,051

13: “4GB of RAM”

  • -For 64GB storage 973 dollars
  • -128GB for storage $1,051
  • -256GB for storage $1,174

13 Pro: “6GB RAM”

    • -128GB for storage 1,313 dollars
    • -For 512GB storage 1,622 dollars
    • -1TB for storage $2,055

13 Pro Max: “6GB RAM”

  • -128GB for storage $1,437
  • -For 512GB storage $1,746
  • -1TB for storage $2,179

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