With the leak, Fitbit Charge 5 showed itself; here are the details

One of the biggest names in the wearable product market Fitbit, very soon Fitbit Charge 5 smart bracelet model will bring.

The products he prepared are also officially sold in Turkey. Fitbit, It is working on developing new options like its competitors. Here is one of them, the smart bracelet Fitbit Charge 5, It is in front of us as a design with visuals from Evan Blass.

As you can see, the product, which has a standard line, is based on a color screen, marking a first for the Charge series as far as we know. As it is clear with the new images, the screen-to-body ratio is not good, that is, the screen is quite small compared to its body. Charge 5, technically speaking NFC has support.

as built-in GPS carrying and next to the pulse SpO2 capable of measuring Charge 5, It can automatically record many sports and show phone notifications.

The product, which comes with a beautiful interface, can be controlled on the basis of swiping from the faces on the side, although it is not certain, according to estimates. However, it should be noted that this is not certain. It is not yet known when the model will be introduced or its price.


The company is also developing other devices besides the Fitbit Charge 5

According to the official records found in the past months, the company is actively working in the field of smart rings. It is still unknown what the company’s first smart ring model will look like.

However, through official patents, the product SpO2 In other words, it is reported that it can measure the oxygen rate in the blood. The product, which is thought to be able to transfer data with smartphones via Bluetooth or NFC, will of course also be able to track activity.

Fitbit’s smart ring model, which is still unknown when it will be released, is among the technological toys that are difficult to develop due to limited space. In this respect, the product also carries the possibility of never hitting the shelves.

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