xCloud is now included in the Xbox app

Microsoft’s cloud-based gaming system, xCloud, has now come to the Xbox app for Windows computers.

Microsoft’s cloud-based gaming system xCloudIt has long been accessible over the internet. xCloud, which is still in beta in only 22 countries, is unfortunately not available in our country. The system, which is expected to serve in our country when the beta process is over and when it is fully released, is included in your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. xCloud, which only contains games from the Xbox Game Pass library, could be used over the internet browser until now. In a recent statement, it was stated that xCloud is now included in the Xbox application and is available on Windows PCs.

xCloud is now included in the Xbox app

While Microsoft is bringing xCloud to Windows PCs via the Xbox app, people within the Xbox Insiders program in countries where the system is open can test xCloud. While those in the Xbox Insiders program can access a newly updated Xbox app, they will need a compatible controller connected via Bluetooth or USB to experience the games inside.

With the updated app xCloud in internet browserA new “Cloud games” section has been made, where you can access all of the same games found in . It is not officially known when xCloud, which is not yet in our country and is in beta, will serve in our country. The main purpose of the system, which is included in your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, is to be able to play more than 300 games in the Xbox Game Pass library from any device you want, with the cloud system.

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