Xiaomi introduced a full 100W wireless charging unit that looks very stylish

Xiaomi today it has managed to make a sound with a wireless charging unit that looks very, very stylish and brings full 100W of power.

While many huge companies (!) offer 25W fast charging via cable, Xiaomi has output up to 67W for their phones on the wireless side. However, the company already supports more. giving.

Because after Mi 80W Wireless Charging Stand Mi 100W Wireless Charging Stand model was also introduced. The new wireless charger can charge phones both horizontally and vertically and looks really modern.

Equipped with advanced security systems, especially heat protection, the product can be used with any device with wireless charging support, including Qi. In other words, in this product, not only Xiaomi’s devices can be charged wirelessly, but energy can be transferred to every product.

Especially the part where the phones stand is very nicely designed. Xiaomi signed stylish product, 92 dollars It is offered for sale in the Chinese market for the first time at a reasonable price. This product will also come to Turkey in the future.


Xiaomi will take further steps in fast charging

You remember the company a short time ago HyperCharge It made a big noise with a fast charging system it called. This system is completely empty at 200W power to remember 4,000mAh battery only It can fill 100 percent in 8 minutes. On the 120W wireless side, the completely empty 4,000 mAh battery is just It can fill 100 percent in 15 minutes. being transferred.

This extremely high-speed system will not arrive in 2021. However, this does not mean that the system will never be commercial. Firm for at least 200W fast charging via cable In 2022, it will definitely carry out mass production.

Reportedly from Xiaomi in 2022 Mi Mix 5 The smartphone model will come and 200W fast charging will be on that phone first. It is stated that 120W fast wireless charging is not very likely for 2022, and Mi Mix 5 will also have 50W wireless charging support.

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