Xiaomi is developing a smartphone with an electrochromic back

One of the leading companies in the smartphone market Xiaomiappears to be developing a smartphone with an electrochromic back.

based in china smart phone from the manufacturers in vivoworked on last year color change phone made a sound with its infrastructure. This interesting system, which is in the prototype stage, was bringing a phone that could change color on the back.

The infrastructure, which was reported to work with a special film placed between the windows, allowed the model to change the color of the rear part with the applied electric current. Here the firm fullyelectrochromism” he was using.

Here is a system like this Xiaomi it also works. This information from a reliable source electrochromic it shows that it will not miss the back phone rush. It is not yet clear on which phone Xiaomi will use this technology first.

It is possible that Xiaomi will use it first in a flagship, but there is also a mid-high-end model. electrochromic may appear on the back. Because we have always seen this technology in mid-level examples before.


Xiaomi will soon appear with the 12 series

Xiaomi 12 The series consists of three different models according to sources. It is thought that 12, 12 Pro and 12 Ultra models are waiting for us here. Some sources state that only 12 and 12 Ultra are on the way.

November It will be unveiled in the month of December, and the sale will be in December. per month A source stating that the family to which the to-do information was given consists of two models, 12 and 12 Ultra. He reports that there will be a 200-megapixel Samsung-signed main camera.

According to this source On the back of the 12, 200 megapixel main + ultra wide angle + macro cameras come together. In the 12 Ultra, 200 megapixel main + 50 megapixel ultra wide angle + 50 megapixel periscope cameras are used. Rumor has it that the 12 Ultra is on the way with 10x optical zoom.

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