Xiaomi made a very intriguing announcement for tomorrow.

One of the biggest names in the technology world Xiaomimade a really intriguing announcement for tomorrow.

xiaomi, On September 14, he announced that he would be promoting a futuristic technology. For now reported to be in concept stage of this technology will look into the future is expressed. So what exactly is coming from Xiaomi tomorrow?

There is no leak about this yet. Since the technology in question is a concept, there will most likely not be a leak until tomorrow. However, the company gave the first clue about what we will see with the poster post below. giving.

A concept from the company through this post smart lens system is thought to come. This is not certain, but the company can reveal the future of wearable products. Here is a smart glasses can also be introduced.

Xiaomi, which has signed very interesting technologies so far, is pushing the limits in many areas with its great financial power. In this respect, new technology has already made a lot of noise.


Xiaomi is currently doing great work on electric cars.

xiaomi, In order to go over it again, he announced that he had started the preparations for the production of smart electric vehicles / electric cars with his public statement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Founder, President and CEO of Xiaomi Lei Junannounced that it will operate under a Xiaomi-owned subsidiary for its first electric vehicles. Here is this subsidiary Xiaomi Automobile it will be. The entire legal process for this China-based new organization has been completed.

directly at the beginning of the process Lei Jun, states that the new company currently has more than 300 employees. It is also announced that this company started its life with a capital of 10 billion yuan.

Xiaomi made a sound with the news that it is holding talks with other automakers in China and organizing tours in their production facilities last month on the subject of electric cars. CEO so far SAIC, BYD, Great Wall and wuling It was reported that he visited the headquarters and production lines of manufacturers such as

A serious recruiter for his first electric car xiaomi, lastly, the first model was surprisingly will make it from scratch surprised by the news.

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