Xiaomi surpassed Apple in smartphone sales!


The ranking has changed in the smartphone industry, which is the scene of fierce competition from technology giants.

China-based Xiaomi has become the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, surpassing the US Apple.

According to the data announced by Canalys, the Chinese company, whose production has increased significantly, has succeeded in surpassing Apple for the first time.

The name on the summit has not changed. In the second quarter of 2021, South Korea-based Samsung maintained its top position with a 19 percent market share, while Xiaomi’s market share was 17 percent.

According to the aforementioned data, Apple’s market share remained at 14 percent for the period, and the company fell to third place. Oppo and Vivo shared the 4th place with 10 percent market share.

While Xiaomi increased its sales by 83 percent on an annual basis during the period, this figure was 15 percent in the Samsung wing and 1 percent in Apple.

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