You can study at a witcher school in real life

The real-life Witcher school operating in Poland for a long time, entirely under the official CD Projekt Red license.

A real company operating in Poland for a long time. witcher school Did you know there is You can participate in all the adventures organized by the Witcher School team under the official CD Projekt license and get a real Witcher education. In this school, where you stay for days in a real castle in Poland according to the duration specified in the event you attend, and where you get training with a professional team as well as the participants, various monster contracts are also made.

You can study at a witcher school in real life

If you are a Witcher fan and one day you are in Poland, you should definitely visit the Witcher school; A total of 2030 monsters have been hunted, while 2335 Witchers have been trained so far. Although the next first event will take place on September 9, 2021, all tickets are sold out. While the next available event will start on September 30 and take place on October 3, 2021, the cost of the event where you will stay in the castle for three nights is stated as 2250 Polish Zloty (4948 Turkish Liras).

When you decide to go to this Witcher school in Poland and buy your reservation ticket; accommodation, food, costumes, a realistic living world, professionally trained classes, a character identity and page, a large cast of actors, photos and an adventure you will never forget in your lifetime are promised. With these events, which are officially licensed by CD Projekt Red, you will be able to experience being a Witcher in real life and go on various monster hunts. This event, which Witcher fans can attend for a short vacation, has been held for years and is very popular in Poland. This event, where you dress, feed and live like a real Witcher during your stay, is held at certain time intervals every year.

You can study at a witcher school in real life

It is also stated that people who have no knowledge about Witcher games and books can participate, while it is said that you do not need to have an extremely high level of English to participate in the event. The Witcher school, where you will live and act like a real Witcher student during the event, offers an unforgettable experience for fans of the series and the universe. You can access one of the short promotional videos of the school, which received participants from many countries, or witcher school You can get additional information by visiting the website. If you want to attend the Witcher school, which unfortunately does not operate in our country, you may need to head to Poland.

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