$1 Billion requested from EA for FIFA naming rights

It has been reported that EA Games was asked to pay 1 billion dollars in four years for the FIFA series, which is currently on the agenda with the news of the name change.

EA Games has been on the agenda recently with the news that the name of the FIFA series will be changed. In the past days, we have conveyed to you that the company is considering this issue and is focusing on the name alternatives that will change for the FIFA series for the next year. Even among these names, the name EA Sports FC was considered. The main reason why the company wanted to make changes in the name rights emerged today.

EA pays $1 Billion for FIFA naming rights

According to the New York Times, the main reason for the dispute between EA Games, the developer of FIFA games, and FIFA, the worldwide football organization, is due to the requested royalty fee. According to the report, FIFA wants to demand $1 billion every four years for EA Games to use this name under license. In addition, the organization is EA Games’ name used in the game He also wants to limit his earning in extra situations.

According to the New York Times, EA Games is considering different monetization methods for the series in the future, including NFT. On the other hand, we can say that FIFA seems to want to prevent the fee paid for naming rights to be limited to the name of the game and to prevent different gains from this name.

EA also removed the biggest question mark in their minds and stated that the FIFA partnership is different from other official partnerships, that is, it does not mean the loss of official team and player names, even though FIFA’s name has changed. The FIFA license gives the company the logo and similar rights to use the World Cup in the game, apart from the name.

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