2021 Dacia Duster; Turkey prices announced for the facelifted version

The make-up 2021 Dacia Duster family, which attracted attention with its introduction in June, will reach a wide audience with rich options from the very first moment.

After nearly three months of time since its introduction, it’s time for a Turkey adventure for the Dacia Duster family with make-up. Duster, which announced the highly anticipated lists with the event held today, takes its place on the lists with its rich combination options from the very first moment. The starting price of the list, which was announced with a discount of 10 thousand TL for the launch, became official as 199,000 TL. The most expensive combination offered for sale as of today for Duster with make-up is 249,900 TL. owner.

2021 Dacia Duster; price list for the facelifted version

The details of the list announced by the brand’s official sources for the launch are as follows;

Comfort 1.0 Turbo 90 hp 4×3 – 199,000 TL
Comfort ECO-G Turbo 100 hp 4×2- 209,000 TL
Comfort 1.3 Turbo 150 hp EDC 4×2- 229.900 TL
Comfort 1.3 Turbo 150 horsepower 442- 229.900 TL
Comfort 1,5 Diesel 115 HP 4×2- 229.900 TL
Comfort 1,5 Diesel 115 HP 4×4- 259.900 TL
Prestige 1.3 Turbo 150 hp EDC 4×2- 241,900 TL
Prestige Plus 1.3 Turbo 150 hp EDC 4×2- 249.900 TL


2021 Dacia Duster; important features that come with make-up

The new Dacia Duster also gets prominent design and equipment such as an 8-inch multimedia screen, the brand’s new signature Y-shaped LED light signature headlights and Arizona Orange body color. We see that the design elements of the Dacia brand identity, used for the first time in the Sandero family, are utilized. The Y-shaped LED light signature on the front and rear headlights draws attention at first glance. The 3D reliefs on the chrome-looking front grille, on the other hand, provide a modern integrity with the headlights, contributing to the Duster’s strong character. The new model is launched as the first Dacia model to be equipped with LED headlights.


In Duster, more comfort is promised to the passengers with the make-up. With new upholstery, headrests and a high center console with movable front armrest, the passenger compartment will present a much more attractive appearance. It also has two different infotainment system options with its new 8-inch touchscreen. In all hardware levels; integrated trip computer, automatic high beam activation and speed limiter with illuminated controls in the steering wheel are offered as standard. In addition to eco driving information on the Media Display and Media Nav interface, features such as side inclinometer, tilt angle, compass and altimeter can be accessed from the 4×4 screen.


It is also important that, depending on the equipment level, automatic air conditioning with digital display, cruise control with illuminated controls on the steering wheel, heated front seats and a hands-free card system will be offered. In addition to the new generation electronic stability control, many driving support systems are offered in the family. Features such as Blind Spot Warning System, Park Assist, Hill Start and Hill Descent Support System for 4×4 versions are among these systems. In addition, a 360-degree camera consisting of a total of 4 cameras, one on the front, one on the sides and one on the back, will be one of the important supporters of the drivers.

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