2021 Toyota C-HR prices and current version options

The 2021 Toyota C-HR family, which cannot be covered by the SCT base regulation, has to continue on the road with the increase in the first periods of the year.

With the SCT regulation that came into effect, the prices, which turned the eyes, were updated with the studies carried out by the brand immediately after the announcement. Increasing the scope of the base, in which radical effects are observed on important economy-oriented automobiles produced in Turkey, creates a new opportunity for hybrid vehicles for the upcoming period. On the Renault side, the announcement that sales activities would be carried out for the Clio Hybrid, which was not sold due to tax disadvantages despite being produced in Turkey, was among the important effects of this regulation. One of the limited models produced and offered for sale in Turkey today is the 2021 Toyota C-HR family. C-HR, which could not benefit from the regulation due to the scope, continues to have an increase of 50 thousand TL in its lists compared to the 6-month period we left behind.


2021 Toyota C-HR price list

of the brand official sources The August list shared by the SCT after the SCT adjustment is as follows;

Hybrid 4×2 Flame e-CVT – 374.800 TL
Hybrid 4×2 Passion e-CVT – 402,100 TL
Hybrid 4×2 Passion e-CVT (Black Roof*) – 407,300 TL
Hybrid 4×2 Passion X-Pack e-CVT – 431,400 TL
Hybrid 4×2 Passion X-Pack e-CVT (Black Roof*) – 436,550 TL
Hybrid 4×2 Passion X-Pack e-CVT (Black Roof and JBL**) – 443,200 TL


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