2021 Toyota Corolla Sedan prices and current version options

In the two-month period we have left behind, the hikes of 10 thousand TL according to the versions are reflected in the 2021 Toyota Corolla Sedan lists.

After the hikes in the domestic market, prices continue to increase for Corolla, one of the over-the-grid models, which is within the legal limit for disabled users in today’s lists. Lastly, the product range, whose prices we discussed in June, is on the increase curve again, with the focus on top versions, after 2 months. Based on the gasoline version of the 2021 Toyota Corolla family, we see that the most expensive package of the family has come from 362.100 TL to 372.95 TL. Another 10 thousand TL increase in medium packages draws attention. The hikes are also reflected in the hybrid side, large and small. The starter package, which was 339,050 TL in June, now finds buyers for 345,800 TL. The most expensive hybrid Corolla has increased from 390,250 TL to 398,050 TL.

2021 Toyota Corolla


2021 Toyota Corolla Sedan price list

of the brand official sources The figures shared by the party in August are as follows;

1.5 Vision 220.200 TL
1.5 Vision Multidrive S 229,550 TL
1.5 Dream 288.950 TL
1.5 Dream Multidrive S 297.400 TL
1.5 Flame 306,100 TL
1.5 Flame Multidrive S 317,350 TL
1.5 Flame X-Pack Multidrive S 334,550 TL
1.5 Passion X-Pack Multidrive S 372.95 TL

Hybrid Dream e-CVT – 345,800 TL
Hybrid Flame e-CVT – 356,400 TL
Hybrid Flame X-Pack e-CVT – 366,500 TL
Hybrid Passion X-Pack e-CVT – 398,050 TL

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