2022 Ford Fiesta introduced; Here’s what’s new with make-up

Bringing important features with it, the 2022 Ford Fiesta adapts to the modern world with its weapons that will strengthen its role in the B segment.

The expected make-up operation for Ford Fiesta, one of the important models of the B segment, is finally on display. Recently by official sources of the brand announced In the new version, we can clearly see that significant improvements have been made in terms of design and technology. With the changes made by the design team to the basic body elements, including the hood, to make the car look bigger and more satisfying, it will not be difficult to capture the Focus inspirations in the Fiesta. Along with the 2022 Ford Fiesta, the equipment list appears much stronger with parts from a higher segment. It should be underlined that the LED lighting group, which is one of the change elements in the design, is offered as standard in all packages, and that the headlights with Matrix LED technology can be optionally purchased in the make-up version.

Technological revisions come to the fore in the cockpit with the 2022 Ford Fiesta

The enriched equipment we have just pointed out for the Fiesta is also supported by the visuals coming from the inside of the vehicle. With its 12.3-inch size, the digital driver screen, which we are accustomed to from other members of the family, is among the important features that entered the inventory with the make-up. In addition, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support are also waiting for users as standard on the 8-inch multimedia screen positioned in the middle of the console. With these equipment, important parts have been added to Fiesta’s electronic driving support assistants. In the list; active parking assist, stop-go feature, adaptive cruise control, traffic assistants, blind spot warning, lane keeping assist, traffic sign identification and many more active-passive supports find their place.

2022 Ford Fiesta engine options

Under the hood of the new Fiesta, which has not undergone any significant changes in infrastructure and mechanics, Ford’s latest generation compact engines appear. The 1.0-liter three-cylinder Ecoboost unit tends to draw a much more economical chart in terms of consumption thanks to its hybrid integration. In the hybrid combination based on the starting generator, which comes with two combinations of 125 and 155 hp, a 7-stage automatic unit can be preferred together with a manual transmission.

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