Amazon introduced; smart home robot Astro and all other interesting new products

The world’s largest shopping firm Amazon, you know, attaches great importance to the hardware side. In this context, many products from the company came.

Amazon, made its expected big event minutes ago and really brought a lot of hardware products to us. It’s 99 percent likely Will not be sold in Turkey Among the products was a robot.

The first product to come by Amazon at the event was a $60 smart thermostat called the Smart Thermostat. The company also made a lot of noise with the smart screen model Echo Show 15 with a 15.6-inch screen. This product is crafted like a smart photo frame and costs $250.

There was also a $250 children’s product called Glow at the event. This projection-based product can project content specific to children on the surface it is placed on. One of the products introduced was Halo View. $80 smart wristband/watch hybrid, first halo It is built on it and makes a difference with its added screen.

Introducing a collective alarm system called Ring Alarm Pro for $ 250 at the event, the giant manufacturer also unveiled the $ 50 Blink Video Doorbell with a camera doorbell.

The highlight of the event Astro, the $999 smart home robot it happened. The cute designed robot can walk around the house on its own. The robot that allows you to see the house and tour the house remotely when you are away from the house with its extendable camera, Also known as wheeled Alexa.

With a large screen Amazon astroIt also allows making video calls. The product functions more as a security robot.

At the event, it introduced an Alexa-based digital assistant called Hey Disney, co-developed with Disney, and the corresponding $25 Mickey Mouse-themed Echo Show 5 Amazon, $250, which he previously introduced drone-based security camera that can fly indoors announced that they have started invitation-based sales for

Some other camera-focused products came from Amazon as part of the event, but they didn’t stand out much.


Amazon avoids bringing hardware products to the Turkish market

The giant company, which has been in Turkey for a long time, does not want to bring even its very simple products to the Turkish market. The reason behind this is not exactly known.

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