Announcements made at the Netflix event TUDUM

What else was announced in the Netflix event TUDUM, which took place yesterday and where the third season approval of the Witcher series and the second season trailer were announced?

took place yesterday Netflix event TUDUM, was broadcast on the internet due to the pandemic and took place with the participation of many names from famous comedians to Netflix series actors. Some of the most notable announcements during the event were the fourth season of Stranger Things, the trailer for The Sandman movie and the Witcher season two trailer and the third season announcement.

Major productions and seasons announced at Netflix event TUDUM

First look at House of Creel in season four of Stranger Things

In the trailer for the fourth season of Stranger Things: Creel House, we take a look at House Creel’s past, the family that lives there, and the present. Our favorite protagonists will try to shed light on events including Victor Creel – who was sentenced to a mental institution for a gruesome murder in the 1950s.

New trailer for season two of The Witcher, A Grain of Truth story and Vesemir

The second season trailers and shares of Netflix’s The Witcher contain sections of A Grain Of Truth, one of the stories in The Last Wish. In the story, which will be the subject of the first episode of the season, we see the cursed character Nivellen, who appears before the readers in the books. Also, in another clip, it is seen that Geralt is preparing to fight Bruxa, one of the vampire species in the Witcher universe.

The news for The Witcher, which we can call the most active member of yesterday’s Netflix show, does not end there.

Netflix has confirmed that the third season of the series will be filmed and released a frame showing one of the most anticipated characters of the second season, our master Vesemir. It seems like a very suitable choice for Bilge Vesemir.

A look at the origins of The Witcher universe, The Witcher: Blood Origin

Blood Origin, one of the Witcher productions under production, will also be the subject of Netflix’s The Witcher series.

Another production with a trailer at the Netflix event TUDUM: The Sandman

After numerous recent “leaks”, the first trailer for the Netflix adaptation of DC writer Neil Gaiman’s 1980 comic book The Sandman has been released.

In the clip, we see Charles Dance’s Roderick ritual of summoning Death, and the incarceration of Tom Sturridge’s Dream of The Endless.

League of Legends series Arcane release date announced at Netflix event Tudum

The two-and-a-half-minute official trailer for the animated series developed by Netflix for League of Legends has been released.

Arcane’s release date on Netflix was announced as November 6, 2021.

First look at Vikings Valhalla, the new Vikings production

Although the Vikings series has ended after 6 seasons, the continuation of the series will continue with Vikings Valhalla. The first short trailer from the series was shared on the Netflix show.

Vikings Valhalla is expected to arrive on Netflix in 2022.

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