Apple MagSafe competitor OPPO MagVOOC announced; here are the first details

Attractive magnetic wireless charging system Realme MagDart after that OPPO signed MagSafe rival OPPO MagVOOC announced.

you remember Realme MagDart It was officially introduced last week. The company directly supplies the magnetic-based charging infrastructure that works with these magnets. Apple MagSafecopied the .

Here is the roof company in this field BBK The important name above Realme OPPO is also actively involved. Even today the company Smart China Expo 2021‘also OPPO MagVOOC announced the system.

Like MagSafe in its name “Mag” The system, which is considered strange to have a tag, is defined by the company as follows:

“This new technology uses a magnetic alignment system to ensure precise alignment between the phone and the charger. MagVOOC wireless powerbank contains. The MagVOOC ultra-thin fast charger, which adopts a split design by making the entire charger thinner, was also introduced at the fair.

The design of both devices makes them easily portable. Along with this, OPPO has also introduced the MagVOOC wireless fast charging stand, which helps users save up to 60 percent in setup time compared to traditional wired charging.”

OPPO MagVOOC There are not many details for the system for now. For example, it is not known which devices these products will be compatible with. The company is using the Find X3 at the venue, but it’s a custom prototype. being transferred.

The company is expected to use the MagVOOC system on its first flagship in the future. For this system, OPPO will put special magnets on the phones, so it will not be able to make the infrastructure compatible for existing phones.


While OPPO MagVOOC draws attention, Realme will start the process with its phone named “Flash”

The phone, known to be built on Snapdragon 888 and 12GB of RAM, comes with 256GB of internal storage. The phone, which will come out of the box with Realme UI 2.0 and Android 11, has a standard design with a screen hole.

The curved designed Flash should be officially launched soon. By the way realme, MagDart allows connection and Realme GT It has prepared a carbon fiber-looking case that brings magnetic charging to phones such as

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