Apple Watch models can include a hydration sensor

Today, Apple is on the agenda once again about the Apple Watch. This time, the hydration sensor developed by the company made a sound.

Apple is the future Apple Watch one for models hydration sensor is developing. It is not yet known when this sensor will be ready for use, but the company has already made its patent purchases.

hydration sensorAs far as it is reported, it will break new ground in more than one field and will make a much more sensitive measurement compared to standard techniques. So what will this sensor measure? Here directly body fluid level will be measured.

Providing the necessary fluid that living things need to live a healthy life is called hydration, and this seems as vital/important as air.

As far as we can learn from the patent details, Apple states that hydration measurement can be done sequentially, the process will run automatically, and there is little need for user interaction. It seems from this description that a process as simple as heart rate measurement will be presented.

It is absolutely necessary not to leave the body dehydrated / dehydrated, and it seems that the upcoming Apple Watches will be able to accurately warn users about drinking water, thanks to the measurements they will make in this regard. Of course this looks good too.


Features that will come in 2022 for Apple Watch models are also known

We mentioned this a while ago. From Apple suppliers Rockley Photonics, last month, it made an important announcement on the health features of smart watches. The company introduced a sensor, and it was claimed to be used in Apple Watches in 2022.

Body temperature of the sensor suitable for smart watches, Blood pressure, body hydration, alcohol, lactate, glucose / glucose / glucose and the ability to measure / determine more. The sensor, which provides continuous measurement with its optical system, follows a different path than its counterparts during measurement, as far as it is reported.

For measurement on many smartwatch models green LEDWhen using ‘s, Rockley Photonics signature new sensor system “infrared spectrophotometer” uses. As far as it is transmitted, more detailed data can be collected in this way.

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