Are they kidding? New iPad description from Instagram CEO

It’s 2021, it’s not long until 2022, there are millions of iPads out there and there’s still a Instagram A special iPad app has been released for not.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosser, In a statement made on the subject in recent years, he stated that the company did not have enough resources to develop an optimized version for iPad.

to two platforms (iPhone and iPad) While it was noted that the team, which could not allocate resources to developing the application, had a lot of work to do, it was said that the iPad application was not in time.

Naturally, no one believed this explanation at the time. A company that earns billions of dollars every year (Let us remind you that it is under the umbrella of Facebook.), he said that we do not have the resources and personnel for the iPad-specific application, which drew a great reaction and was made a joke.

Currently at the top of Instagram Adam Mosseri, in the new description, the iPad app may be beautiful, but announced that as of now, it still has no plans for a special implementation.


iPad app for Instagram looks like it’s never coming

This looks really, really weird. It’s possible to use Instagram on iPad right now, but the process is done by enlarging the iPhone app, which makes for a very bad image.

Today, there are thousands of people who take pictures with iPads, but the company does not take iPads seriously. Apple does not put any pressure on Instagram in this regard.

Users are now firm and company CEO is messing with us or kidding style comments. This situation is not good for the brand value of the company.

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