Coming, not coming; The new Samsung Galaxy Note is on the agenda again

South Korean tech giant Samsung, recently, it has been on the agenda specifically for the Galaxy Note. continues.

A new Galaxy Note did not come from Samsung this year, in 2021, and it will not. The company officially announces this itself. However, Samsung’s Galaxy Note series is completely dead, and there is no explanation that we will not release a Galaxy Note anymore.

So most likely A new Galaxy Note model will arrive in 2022. The company, which is claimed to have canceled the series because it did not rebrand for the Galaxy Note for a short time, but this is not quite true, is developing a new Galaxy Note, according to a solid source that just spoke.

This resource we mentioned is one of the number one names in Samsung leaks. Ice Universe. According to the source, the first evidence for the new Galaxy Note, in other words for the next generation Galaxy Note, is starting to appear from the supply networks.

With so much demand, it is unlikely that Samsung will kill the Galaxy Note series before another model is released. In this respect, it is necessary to be ready for the new Galaxy Note, which will be released in 2022 with 90 percent certainty.


Samsung even started a signature campaign to release a new Galaxy Note

The fan base wanted the new Galaxy Note to go on sale immediately at the beginning of 2022, not in the summer of 2022. Some even replace the Galaxy S22 series that will arrive in early 2022. He wanted a Galaxy Note with an S Pen in a new body.

For this even here you can see SamMobile There was even a campaign launched by Fans of the Samsung Galaxy Note series are indeed very loyal cases for many years and love their phones immensely.

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