Custom electric bike produced by the Harley-Davidson brand

Harley-Davidsonspecial in the past few months. electric bike brand name serial one appeared with. Here is a special series for this brand added.

Harley-Davidson, one of the companies that give importance to the electric future. The company currently has two electric motorcycles, Serial 1 It also wants to stand out on the electric bicycle side.

The full name that appears here is “Serial 1 Cycle Company“, produced in 1930 named after Harley-Davidson‘s first motorcycle model Serial Number Oneand connects the past with the future.

Here under this brand 1-OFF There will also be a series called As it is said in this series only one will be produced There will be special bike models. These bikes are directly auction will be sold on.

The first member of this series is the one you see above. MOSH/CHOPPER model. As we mentioned in its name, it looks like a motorcycle in the form of a Chopper. retro electric bike, It really catches the eye with its blue color.

250W powered electric motor, 25km/h pedal support up to speed, Gates carbon belt and depending on usage 160 kmoffering range up to 526Wh with details such as battery pack Serial 1 MOSH/CHOPPER, It does not carry any suspension system.

Despite this, it is the first of Harley, Serial 1, which does not seem to upset the driver in terms of comfort with its wide saddle. 1-OFF bike model signed TRO with LED lighting front and rear as you can see hydraulic disc brakes carrying.

The model is directly here Available through ongoing auction. The highest figure given to the bicycle as of the time we published the news $4,200 level.


The Harley-Davidson brand Serial 1 first appeared with the following electric bike models

Serial 1 first in the brand four different electric bikes came. to remember 250W quite expensive bicycles with an electric motor that can power 32km/h speed, but there are also faster models in the series. For example, a model 45km/h can speed. The prices and names of the bikes that use the lithium battery pack and carbon belt system integrated into the body are as follows:

“$3,399 MOSH/CTY, $4,449 RUSH/CTY, $4,399 RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU and $4,999 RUSH/CTY SPEED”

The ranges of the models vary depending on the version. Lowest 40 km, if at most 185 km range values. These values ​​change depending on usage, road conditions and whether there is pedal support or not. Bicycles, which look very modern in common, have a very limited user base.

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