Daniel Craig broke Dave Bautista’s nose and fled

Daniel Craig, who we will watch for the last time in the role of James Bond, admitted that during the shooting of the previous movie, Dave Bautista broke his nose and escaped.

Daniel Craig, who continues to participate in the programs for 007 James Bond: No Time to Die, which will be screened in our country on Friday, takes on this role for the last time, as you know. As a matter of fact, a video of the famous actor’s last day on the set and his speech appeared recently, and he said goodbye to the role of James Bond emotionally. On The Graham Norton Show to promote the new movie guest Craig expressed a very interesting memory he had in the series in this program.

Daniel Craig broke Dave Bautista’s nose and fled

In the program, Daniel Craig is asked about the accidents he experienced in the movie, and he explains that he broke his ankle in this movie. Then, taking into account the other films of the series, he shared the most interesting and funny memory of his life with the audience. He admitted that he broke the actor’s nose during the filming of Specter, which was released in 2015, during the scene with Dave Bautista.

Craig said they spent a long time filming the fight scene on the train. I said ‘Oh my god no’ and ran away. He was going to come after me but he was so cute.” made statements. Dave Bautista, whose nose was broken, put his nose back in place with a single move.

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