Discord Rythm bot also becomes history

After Groovy, it was announced that this time Discord’s other popular music bot, Discord Rythm, was in its last days and would be shut down on September 15.

It looks like the last victim of Google and Youtube will be the Discord Rythm bot. A few weeks ago, we learned that another popular Discord bot, Groovy, was shut down by Google’s request for “violating the terms of service” of Youtube. It was alleged that Groovy was shut down as a result of a strike because Youtube was using its ad revenues. It is expected that Google will also issue a warning to the creators of other bots that perform similar functions on Discord in the future.

Discord Rythm bot will be shut down on September 15

Rhytm bot, which has been added to its servers by more than 20 million people worldwide, works on the same principle as Groovy. It is possible to call the bot to any sound channel and play the sound you want in the sound channel with the !(Youtube link) code(du?). Just like Groovy, the producer of Rhytm received a warning message from Google.

Yaov, the creator of Rhytm, told The Verge;

“We knew that this would happen one way or another. That’s why we’ve been working on a different prohe for about a year. But it’s not time to share the details yet.”

In the statement made on the official Twitter account of Rhytm, more than 20 million users who used the bot for 5 years were thanked and rythm.fmIn the statement published in , it was stated that they were working on a new project that they could not detail yet. It is not yet known whether the different project Yaov mentioned will be a music bot again.

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