DJI Osmo Action 2 revealed; Here are the first details

Osmo Action new model DJI Osmo Action 2 appeared. The leaks revealed a different model than we expected. took it out.

Osmo Action, You may remember that it was built on a similar body as GoPro’s Hero series cameras. To be introduced soon DJI Osmo Action 2 if GoPro Hero Session It has a similar small body.

We think that this small design will appeal to more people. DJI, far from its former popularity action camera is preparing to make a new experiment in the market. The new product, which weighs 56 grams, has a 1/1.7 inch CMOS sensor and a lens with an aperture of F2.8, according to the leak.

The camera, which can shoot 120 fps video in 4K resolution, can reach 240 fps in 1080P resolution. A new device that can take 4,000×3,000 pixel photos. DJI Osmo Action 2, It can do electronic image stabilization and actively use the ISO range of 100-6,400.

Osmo Action 2 price is yet to be announced, but official introduction November 15 with the new Mavic drone model.


The key details for the DJI Osmo Action action camera were as follows

With an LCD screen on both the front and back, the camera housed a 1/2.3-inch sensor at its center. The model, which can record 4K 60 fps (100 Mbps) video, also 12 megapixel photos he could shoot.

Electronic image stabilization actionIt was highly resistant to harsh conditions and could be used actively under water. The model, which can also shoot 4K HDR videos at 30 frames per second, also offered 1080P and 720P shooting modes with higher frame rates possible.

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