Electric bike with built-in dual camera: Cyklaer

One of the prominent models that managed to make a sound in the electric bicycle market with its remarkable infrastructure and features. Storck Cyklaer it happened.

StorckCyklaer, A high-end electric bicycle model based in Germany. behind this model stork beside Greyp Bikes, Porsche Digital and phase is also included.

The bike that emerged at the end of this great partnership, as we said, really focuses on the upper level and is fully 7 thousand eurosThe selling price of .

Of course, the return of such a high figure is high. At the heart of the bike, which looks very stylish at first, it makes a difference with its thin structure. Fazua Ride 50 Evation unit is included.

Fazua Ride 50 Evation, 252Wh lithium-ion battery pack and 250W assembles the electric motor in the lower body section. If desired, the Fazua unit can be removed and thus turned into a normal bicycle. StorckCyklaer, in electrical construction 25km/h speed and Range up to 120 km brings.

in-house DT Swiss G 1800 wheels, Schwalbe G-One tires, SRAM Force AXS hydraulic disc brakes and 1 x 12 SRAM Force AXS Storck Cyklaer electric bike with electronic transmission / gear infrastructure, that is, without using belts, Busch & Muller It also brings lighting.


Storck Cyklaer electric bike made a sound

Most of the model “it’s nice” among the details It has a built-in camera system. There is a camera on both the front and the back of the bike. These cameras can record first. In this way, possible accidents can be recorded.

These cameras have one more feature. It will also be positioned on the handlebar transferring images live to smartphone. In this way, the rear camera rear view mirror can be used as. This possibility, which will significantly increase safety while driving in big cities, ends the need for real mirrors.

Porsche Digital electric bicycle, which has a signed application and can provide information on everything from here, 4G/GPS on the basis of anti theft tracking with real time navigation can also offer.

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