Electronic Arts commented on the eFootball being free

As you know, Konami recently officially changed the name of the PES series to eFootball and announced that the game will be released completely free and digitally for all major platforms this fall. Now Electronic Arts, the maker of the FIFA series, has commented.

During the Electronic Arts revenue stream yesterday, they were asked about their reaction to the eFootball game, and CEO Andrew Wilson gave a reliable answer to this question; “Wilson said, ‘

With all due respect to Pro Evolution Soccer for changing its name to eFootball and making the game free, we have seen this happen before. I tell you that we have a very high commitment to our football business.

We are very committed to our players and we will continue to increase their number. We have listened to our audience over the years and received many licenses that are exclusively a valid football game, and And we continued to invest deeply not only in game modes but also in the original gameplay to ensure that we provide the best possible experience for our players around the world.

Wilson went on to explain that Electronic Arts was facing “huge demand for a future version of FIFA”. FIFA 22 by adding The new HyperMotion technology has made a lot of noise in the next generation consoles, on Friday, October 1, 1421 (October 1, 2021) for PC and Google Studio platforms and PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X / S series consoles and Xbox One will be released.

On the other hand, eFootball launches in “early fall” New features of this game are added over time. Apparently, while eFootball is considered a competitor to Electronic Arts, FIFA series players are the main focus of the company. As Wilson continued:

Competition is always good. We are always very aware of what the competitor is doing. But our commitment is to our players and to provide the most comprehensive, extensive and credible football game on the planet. we believe We have the best team to do this and we are looking to continue to do so over time.

What do you think of Electronic Arts’ talk about PES and eFootball? Can Konami achieve more success with Electronic Arts with its new strategy?

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