Exynos W920 processor for wearable devices detailed

Samsung last month announcement happening Exynos W920 shared the details of the processor. Being the first 5 nm processor in the industry, Exynos W920 provides the most powerful and efficient performance required for new generation wearable devices. This processor is also used in the recently introduced Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 models.

The processor offers energy saving as well as high performance with its dual Arm Cortex-A55 cores. The Arm Mali-G68 GPU, on the other hand, provides ten times better graphics performance with 20 percent better CPU performance compared to its predecessor. Thanks to its improved cores and performance, the processor allows applications to open faster, especially on wearable device screens.

Instead of running the main CPU, the W920 processor activates the low-power dedicated display processor Cortex-M55, reducing display power consumption in AOD mode compared to the previous Exynos model. The processor is also equipped with the (GNSS) L1 Global Navigation Satellite System, which can track speed, distance and altitude during outdoor exercises.

Samsung made a statement about the Exynos W920 processor

Vice President of Marketing, System LSI, Samsung Electronics Harry Cho“Smart watches and wearables are no longer just flashy items. Smart watches have become a part of our lifestyles so that we can stay fit, safe and up to date. Thanks to the Exynos W920 processor, the wearable devices we will develop in the future will offer a more precise user experience while running applications with visually appealing user interfaces.” he said.

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