First evaluation from the sector; SCT move is pleasing

Berk Çağdaş, Renault MAİS General Manager, SCT made evaluations after the change of base rates.

As you know, the Special Consumption Tax (SCT) rates applied to automobiles have been changed very recently. Due to the ever-increasing automobile prices, almost every automobile remained in the upper tax bracket and suffered a price advantage.

This issue has been mentioned many times by both drivers and industry officials. After the changing limits, there will be a decrease in the prices of many cars. While the public welcomed the decision, the first evaluation came from within the sector.


SCT change will protect the ecosystem

Renault Berk Çağdaş, General Manager of MAİS, said, “In the automotive sector, which has a high dynamism, as we often say, SCT bases need to be adapted to market conditions within the scope of increasing costs. Our government not only follows the market closely, but also supports the sector with necessary regulations by listening to sector representatives.

In this sense, while we welcome the revised SCT rates with the Presidential Decree published in the Official Gazette, I should also express our gratitude. We think that this decision is important in terms of protecting the ecosystem and ensuring sustainability in automotive, one of the locomotive sectors of our country’s economy.


Recently, rising production costs have created both a contraction in models accessible to consumers and price inflation. While the base update will give a breath of fresh air to the sector, where the momentum has started to decline, options for consumers will increase with the inclusion of more models in the 45 percent and 50 percent SCT segment.

We can say that the timing of this revision, which was made before the last quarter of the year, was also appropriate in terms of market dynamics. We expect a positive wind in the market after the calmer summer months with the prices being pulled down a bit. On the other hand, vehicle availability is another important agenda of the sector in parallel with chip supply problems. Therefore, it is useful to be cautious.” made statements.

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