Guild Wars 2 gets Directx 11 support

Guild Wars 2 got Directx 11 support. ArenaNet, the producer of the game, stated that the new update will enable them to continue the game for many years.

Guild Wars 2 got Directx 11 support. ArenaNet stated that long-term visual enhancement and performance improvements are planned for the MMORPG, which turns 9 years old, through Directx 11. In the open beta, which will start on September 21, you will have the chance to try Guild Wars 2 with Directx 11 support. The game currently has DX9 support.

It is planned to extend the life of the game with Guild Wars 2 Directx 11 support

To be released in February 2022 End Of Dragons ArenaNet, the producer company, has longer-term plans for GW2, which will welcome its new content with its additional package. The game’s chief program engineer, James Fulop, stated that the addition of Guild Wars 2 Directx 11 support has been planned for a long time, and used the following statements:

“It is our priority for our players to play GW2 with proper performance. And we want everyone to play the game at the highest FPS values ​​as possible. We were aware of the issues such as the game getting stuck sometimes due to the rendering phase taking too long. Guild Wars 2 is a 9-year-old game and DX 11 We want to make the look of the game even better over time with the possibilities it will offer.”

Falop also stated that they are aware that Directx 11 is not a new technology, but the relative stability of the game does not require adaptation to new software such as DX 12. Arena Net plans to eliminate the Directx 9 version of Guild Wars 2 over time and transfer everything to the DX 11 version.

Guild Wars 2 was added to Steam last year.

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