Hasan Kahraman admits Abandoned demo turned into a disaster

While making statements about the Abandoned application, Hasan Kahraman also expressed that he was very upset that they were described as fraudulent.

abandoned We can say that it has been the most talked about game in recent months, which has not fallen off the agenda even though nothing has actually happened. If you’ve noticed, we try to keep all these rumors about this game at a minimum. Abandoned, which is said to be the new Silent Hill, associated with Hideo Kojima only because of its name similarity, has been going through a very interesting process recently.

Its maker admits Abandoned app was a disaster

Although the company says that the issue has nothing to do with Kojima, it is trying to feed off this chaos situation. Imagine you are a small production team and suddenly the whole game industry is talking about you. When we empathize, we can say how surprised the team is and try to benefit from this situation.

As a matter of fact, the company, which promised a real-time video on Playstation 5 last week, messed up this process, so to speak. First, two days were waited due to the problems experienced in the application, and after the update, a four-second video that was previously published on the social media accounts of the company was shown. Of course, this was a big disappointment for the players. in the center of the event Hasan Kahraman He admitted that the situation had turned into a disaster.

“Basically we had to cut some footage from the opening trailer. I knew it wasn’t a good idea to use the same footage we posted earlier on Twitter and put it there, because it was literally just a four-second footage. But we had to do it because people wanted to have a patch. wanted it, right? That was our priority because we’ll be adding more content later.” Kahraman said that the events were literally out of control.

with the NME site in his interview He continued his words as follows; “The debut thing didn’t go well. But we will definitely add more content to this app when the time comes and people will see it.” made statements.

Responding to those who describe themselves as swindlers, Kahraman continued as follows; “Blue Box team members and the freelancers we work with are not afraid to show their faces right now. It’s not fun to be labeled a scammer. That’s why people don’t feel comfortable showing their faces right now or even publicly stating that they’re interested in Abandoned. I’m really depressed right now. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. The biggest thing that bothers me is that people label us as scammers. That’s what really, really upsets me. Because that’s not our intention, you know?”

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