Meet Buzzsaw, the electric motorcycle trying to become a “Chopper”

Today many electric motorcycle and it is difficult to stand out among them. However, there are still those who do it.

Here is one of them Jigsaw Electronics Developed by Buzzsaw. indiegogo As we stated in the title, the product offered for sale onchopperAn electric motorcycle model trying to become a ”.

In our opinion, it looks remarkable in terms of design. buzzsaw, It carries a removable 60V/30-Ah battery pack. With this, the motorcycle, which brings a range of up to 80 km depending on the use / roads, can go up to 80 km / h with the 3.000W electric motor behind it.

The motorcycle, which is among the technical information given that its engine brings 180 Nm torque, can fully fill the battery pack using LG cells in 4 to 6 hours under appropriate conditions.

Of course equipped with built-in lighting and disc brakes electric motorcycle Buzzsaw, If desired, it can be obtained not only in black, but also in different colors. The motorcycle, which weighs 90 kg, can easily carry up to 180 kg, according to the company.

The motorcycle, which is only for one person due to its structure, also has suspension systems and carries an LED screen on its handlebars that provides information on many subjects. The motorcycle, whose lighting infrastructure is built on LED, is built on explosion-proof special tires.


Electric motorcycle Buzzsaw may draw attention in the field

The price of the model you can get by donation on Indiegogo $1,140 located at the level. The normal sale of the model is as far as it is said. from $1,900 to do.

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