Meet the world’s lightest electric bike in its class

Today, it is necessary to do something different in order to stand out in the electric bicycle market. ARES who succeeded from companies.

because ARES today Super Leggera The world’s lightest in its class electric bike appeared with the model. The weight of this bike is only 9 kg located at the level.

As you can see, the stylish bike, which is specially prepared for high-speed use on smooth roads, is in its heart as far as it is reported. A 200-watt electric motor carrying. This engine is not overly loud, but provides sufficient pedal support.

Not designed to be used like an electric motorcycle, the bike is built on a carbon fiber body and parts. In this way, the model stands out with its lightness and does not compromise on durability.

In the development process High Performance Systems (HPS) company, which also ARES Super Leggera electric bike, Of course, it is installed on disc brakes and does not carry any suspension system. Values ​​such as range of the bike are not given yet.


The world’s lightest electric bike model in its class

Its design is a beautiful balance between modern and retro. Super Leggera, only in the first stage 24 pcs will be produced. What about the price? We don’t want to say the price, but we have to.

The sales price determined for the bike is full in Europe. 19 thousand euros located at the level. This figure is only multiplied by the exchange rate and without taxes. 200 thousand TL is doing.

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