Netflix may be making new season and game plans for Squid Game

Netflix, Squid Game continues to make a sound with its new content. This time some potential plans for the future there is.

You can watch the promotional video above. Squid Game, it never falls off the agenda. If you remember yesterday, it was announced that the series, which reached 111 million fans, was the most watched new Netflix series to date. Hwang Dong-HyukThe series, which went on the air after 10 years of waiting and really made a huge explosion, is said to be It may become a game in the future.

You know Netflix now it is taking big steps in the game market, it offers a game experience in some markets through the Android application. In this respect, a game exclusive to Squid Game is quite possible and may appear seriously in 2022. There is a high probability that a mobile game will be prepared here.

Netflix yet Squid Game Didn’t announce a second season for it. But the popularity achieved and the story at the end of the series keep the door open for a second season. Even on this The first talks started is stated. This is not certain, but there is a 90 percent chance that the second season is on the way for the series.


Netflix performed beyond expectations with Squid Game

Squid Game The company itself states the following: “Hundreds of money-strapped players accept the odd invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting reward and risk of death await them. The game of life and death begins. I wonder who will survive and win the 45.6 billion won prize?”You may be interested

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