New concepts that take a look at the Apple Watch Series 7 design

Apple Watch Series 7 We meet the smart watch series next month. A new concept of the model was prepared based on the leaks.

Apple Watch Series 7 two different versions (41mm and 45mm) comes in and PhoneArena It bears the intriguing design above, as demonstrated once again by

Unlike other Apple Watch models, the watch, which will have an angular structure like the iPhone 12s, creates the impression that it will offer the largest screen size we have ever encountered by thinning the bezels.

According to Gurman, who spoke yesterday The biggest difference of the new smart watch will be this new design. Because the model will not have a major technical innovation or a new health sensor.

As we said yesterday, the new smart watch will only make a difference in design, and therefore it will most likely be a model that most people will not buy. However, we still expect the new design to attract attention, especially among very devoted Apple fans.

Since there is no big difference between Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 6, strict followers of the series, who do not switch, will definitely take a look at Series 7 due to the new design and will most likely buy it.


Apple Watch Series 7 won’t bring a new health sensor, Apple Watch Series 8 will

From Apple suppliers Rockley Photonics, made an important announcement last month and an advanced digital health sensor came from the company. There is a possibility that this sensor will be actively used in the upcoming Apple Watch models in 2022. So what can this sensor measure?

In order to remember, the body temperature of the sensor suitable for smart watches, Blood pressure, body hydration, alcohol, lactate, glucose / glucose / glucose and the ability to measure / determine more. The sensor, which provides continuous measurement with its optical system, follows a different path than its counterparts during measurement, as far as it is reported.

For measurement on many smartwatch models (including Apple Watches) green LEDWhen using ‘s, Rockley Photonics signature new sensor system “infrared spectrophotometer” uses.

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