Overwatch Mccree’s name deleted

Overwatch Mccree’s name has been “deleted” in the community. Tournament announcers no longer address the character by their name, but by their title.

After Activision-Blizzard news, which has been on the game agenda for about a month, Overwatch McCree’s name seems to have been “deleted” among the community. The “Overwatch League” hosts now simply call the Mccree character “Cowboy”, named after Diablo 4 chief designer Jesse McCree, who left the company after the “Cosby Suite scandal” within Blizzard emerged.

Overwatch McCree becomes ‘cowboy’

McCree, one of the symbols of Overwatch, has been the victim of harassment allegations involving Blizzard. In the Overwatch player community, after rising reactions to the character’s name and even requests for the character name to be changed, some Overwatch servers found the solution to use McCree’s “adjective”, not his name. Players have noticed that hosts Brennon ‘Bren’ Hook and Josh ‘Sideshow’ Wilkinson have avoided using the name “McCree” in recent matches.

After this detail began to be spoken, another Overwatch presenter Mitch ‘Uber’ Leslie also supported the event. expressed. In the interview, the presenters stated that it was a decision they made among themselves that they stopped saying the character’s name and that there was no official request from Blizzard in this regard.

The Blizzard community wants Blizzard to change McCree’s name, with the character dying. don’t be removed from the gameI or McCree’s alias and not his real name. demands.

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