Overwatch Mercy’s voice artist killed

Christiane Louise, who gave life to characters like Overwatch Mercy and Cortana in Halo, was murdered in Brazil.

Artist Christiane Louise, who gives life to characters such as Cortana in Overwatch Mercy and Halo, will be in Brazil on August 6th. to a murder sacrificed. A colleague announced the news of Louise’s death, saying that 49-year-old Louise was killed in Rio de Janeiro. The murder suspect, whose name is Pedro Paulo Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa, was arrested by the police.

Voice artist of Cortana and Overwatch Mercy dies

According to the sources, the murder suspect confessed to committing the murder. It was stated that the murder suspect intended to collapse all of the woman’s property after he killed Louise. According to the police report, Christiane Louise was killed in her own home with a broken glass. It was stated that the murder suspect cut off some parts of the woman’s body before hiding it. It was stated that the woman was killed a few days before her body was found.

According to police records, the murder suspect and his mother hid Lousie’s body after keeping it in their home for two days. It is stated that the murder suspect Pedro Paulo has been a close friend of Christiane Louise since 2017.

The news of Christiane Louise’s death echoed with great sadness among League of Legends, Overwatch and Halo players, and the players expressed their condolences to the woman’s family. Some Overwatch players, on the other hand, attributed Mercy’s famous line to this tragedy;

“Heroes never die.” (Heroes never die)

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