RAM limit for “M1” iPad Pro is lifted with iPad OS 15

Apple, new iPad Pro models now use high RAM, but iPadOS Unable to use due to limit. Here it is soon it is changing.

Apple has been in many markets, especially in Turkey, in the past months. 2021 iPad Pro offered models for sale. For the first time, the company officially gave RAM information for these models.

On the 2021 iPad Pros with 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage to remember 8GB RAM was located. On 1TB and 2TB iPad Pros, 16GB RAM was located.

However, application developers could not benefit from these RAM amounts. The iPad operating system based on iOS, as it emerged after the tablet went on sale. iPadOS, developers only 5GB of RAM was limited to.

this is the situation September 20 will be made available on iPadOS 15 changing with. With iPadOS 15, developers are provided with up to 12 GB of RAM support. Up to 12GB of RAM will of course be exclusive to 1TB and 2TB iPad Pros. On iPad Pro models with 8 GB of RAM, the maximum 6GB of RAM will be used. The remaining part will be reserved for system needs.


Prices for 2021 iPad Pro models are as follows

Turkey starting price of models for 11 inches 8,599 TL, if for 12.9 inch 11,999 TL level. 12.9-inch model with Wi-Fi + Cellular and 2TB storage 25,699 TLIt goes up to . 11 inch version of the product abroad 799 dollars, if the 12.9 inch version $1,099 It has starting prices.

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