realme GT and realme 8 Pro review

Realme, which brings high-end technology products to its users with stylish designs and affordable prices, and is taking firm steps towards becoming the number one technology brand of young people, is entering the Turkish market with its assertive phones. One of these models, realme GT, is a powerful phone with many features. However, it is difficult to find someone who can spill water, especially when it comes to the processor. Realme GT, which is the first phone to work with Qualcomm’s Snapragon 888 processor, produced with a 5 nm process, can work at a maximum speed of up to 7.5 Gbps, especially in 5G networks. The fastest speed you can see on an Android phone is at hand…

But this processor does not come alone, of course. It comes with LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 standard, which supports this power and provides the highest data transfer rate. In other words, you can see that the loading processes are extremely fast in many different scenarios when running applications, transferring data, in short while using the phone.

In addition, GT Mode has been added to this phone for users who expect more from the performance of the processor. This special mode, which is only available in the realme GT series, provides an increase in speed, especially the mobile game playing experience is strengthened.

If you want, you can increase your performance even more. For this, you can take advantage of the memory expansion feature that comes with realme GT. This feature can add from 2GB to 5GB depending on the phone model by allocating space from internal storage resources. To use this feature, we go to Settings and then to About Phone section. Here you can easily upgrade RAM by tapping on RAM option. After making this setting, simply restart your phone.

realme GT and realme 8 Pro review

Although it is not actively used in our country yet, realme GT is a model that makes you ready for 5G technology today. Thanks to its smart 5G mode, it can automatically switch between 4G and 5G bands. This saves 30 percent in power consumption compared to other phones.

Dual channel connection mode is another highlight. realme GT can use 5G and Wi-Fi networks at the same time, thus minimizing the lag problem and increasing the connection quality, especially when playing games.

Speaking of WiFi, it should be said that this phone also supports W-Fi 6 technology. When operating in this new generation network standard, the phone consumes less power, providing high speed and stable connection.

realme GT and realme 8 Pro review

Speaking of speed, let’s talk about the screen refresh rate. Realme GT, which has a 6.43-inch screen, uses Super AMOLED display technology. With 120 Hz screen refresh rate and 360 Hz sampling rate, technologies that should be in a flagship phone are offered together. This means a fluid user experience. The good thing is that the sampling rate is automatically adjusted depending on how you use the phone. This speed is automatically reduced for low power consumption when the phone is not used effectively, for example when you are not playing games. We can notice the maximum response speed during the game.

This display is supported by two light sensors. Here, realme has thought about the eye health of the users and the light sensors on both the front and back of the case allow the screen brightness to be adjusted automatically. Thus, an experience that does not tire the eyes is possible in all light conditions.

So, does such a powerful phone provide effective cooling? realme uses a stainless steel cooling system at this point. This system plays an important role in the long-term performance of the phone. According to tests carried out by realme, this cooling system is 50 percent more efficient than traditional ones and reduces the temperature of the processor cores by up to 15 *C.

realme GT and realme 8 Pro review

Let’s come to the camera performance of realme GT now. On the back of the device, there is a Sony signed main camera with 64 MP resolution, 8 MP ultra wide angle lens and 2 MP macro camera. Thanks to noise reduction and increased clarity technology, realme GT allows you to take detailed shots even with a small amount of light falling on the matrix. In other words, you can get very good results in both day and night shots. You should definitely use the Super Night landscape mode, especially when the light is insufficient.

The front camera is also good. The front camera, which can take images with a resolution of 16 MP, enables ultra-clear selfies, while allowing you to use bokef effect and AI-beauty mode. At this point, the most suitable shot can be taken according to gender or different face shapes and natural photos can be obtained.

Realme GT is powered by a 4500mAh battery and comes with 65W SuperDart charging support. Realme GT, which charges very fast and does not condemn the user to the socket, uses the battery very efficiently.

realme GT and realme 8 Pro review

For example, with the Power saving mode and Super Power saving mode, the phone is brought to the optimum settings and the battery life is extended without you having to make a move. By using the Application Quick Freeze feature, you can freeze the applications that you do not use, thus preventing them from running in the background and draining the battery. With the optimized night charge feature, your phone that you leave on charge during your sleep will not be overcharged and you can prevent your battery from wearing out. You can also charge wireless headphones, smart watches and other suitable accessories with wireless charging support using realme GT’s reverse charging technology.

I would like to talk a little bit about the design of Realme GT. Realme GT, which weighs 186 grams, takes its name from the GT car class. This model, which I hold in my hand, which wants to make its users feel the GT car concept, has taken its design from this segment and reflects the spirit of racing cars with its vegan leather coating.

Now let’s continue with realme 8 Pro…

Realme 8 Pro is a phone that can respond to the needs of users with its hardware features. However, when it comes to camera performance, the flowing waters stop and it is extremely ambitious in this regard. Its 108 MP resolution camera is a big move in the phone market that will move the stones. But it is of course not surprising that realme does this; realme, which improves its technology with each new phone, offers its users the last fruit of its experience and R&D investments with the 8 series.

realme GT and realme 8 Pro review

Realme 8 Pro, which is 8.11 mm thin and weighs 176 grams, has a stylish design. While the volume up/down buttons are on the right, there is a SIM card slot on the left. At the bottom, we see the 3.5 mm headphone socket, speaker grill, microphone and USB Type-C input. The fingerprint sensor is embedded in the screen, as in realme GT, and the response speed is quite good. When we look at the back of the phone, we see the quad camera setup and of course 108 MP.

Realme 8 Pro, which has a 6.4-inch screen size with HDR10 + high dynamic range support, uses Super AMOLED display technology. In other words, while the screen is brighter and uses energy more efficiently, much better color reproduction and higher contrast are possible. True blacks are reproduced and low power consumption is ensured. The phone, which offers a refresh rate of up to 180 Hz and reaches 1000 nits of screen brightness; It has a legible display even under sunlight. The device also offers features such as low light mode, eye protection mode and automatic brightness based on lighting.

realme GT and realme 8 Pro review

Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 720G processor and enabling a smooth gaming experience, the phone can run almost any game and application smoothly and quickly. Compared to the previous generation, Snapdragon 720G shows 10% improvement in CPU performance and 75% improvement in GPU and display performance.

Realme 8 Pro, which has 50W SuperDart charging support and is powered by a 4500 mAh battery, can be charged from 0 percent to 100 percent when it is charged for 47 minutes. If your phone’s battery is completely exhausted, you can charge up to 50 percent of the battery if you charge it for 17 minutes.

If you have very limited time, you can make up to four hours of phone calls, up to 11 hours of music listening, up to 3 hours of WhatsApp texting or up to 77 hours of standby time with just a 3-minute charge. You can use super power saving mode to extend battery life, enter Other Battery Settings and use various optimization settings. Also like realme GT, realme 8 Pro also has reverse charging technology.

realme GT and realme 8 Pro review

realme 8 Pro is a phone that pushes the limits with its camera performance. With its 108 MP main camera with Samsung HM2 sensor, it is the first phone of realme with this feature. realme 8 Pro uses Samsung’s 108 megapixel HM2 sensor as its primary camera. A better image quality is now possible thanks to the larger single pixel size. The HM2 enables the realme 8 series to take very high quality photos under sufficient light conditions. The 108 MP photos offer a balanced exposure with vibrant colors and sharp details in both light and dark areas. In this way, the sharpness of the photos is preserved even if you zoom in and zoom in on the photo.

With the 8MP resolution and ultra-wide viewing angle, F2.25 aperture camera, you can fit much more into the frame, while shooting from a distance of 4 cm is possible with the 2 MP macro lens. Thanks to the 2 MP monochrome module, you can take stylish portrait photos with a blurred background. Realme 8 Pro, which can take high quality photos in low light conditions even without Night Landscape mode, helps to reduce the noise in the photo with the Pure Raw Nightscape algorithm, while eliminating the dead pixels, making the image even brighter and clearer. realme 8 Pro takes advantage of In-Sensor Zoom technology. This allows for higher zoom clarity. Realme 8 Pro’s 3x mode enables the new In-Sensor Zoom, while the sensor uses only 12 MP area mapped to the zoomed part to create image. The 3x magnification achieved with this software method is not inferior to that offered by 3x optical zoom lenses.

realme GT and realme 8 Pro review

Realme 8 Pro has many modes on the camera side. Tilt-shift mode is one of them. Eliminating the need for expensive tilt-shift lenses, this special mode helps create an optical illusion and transform a familiar landscape into a “miniature world”. Meanwhile, Tilt-Shift mode also supports 10x time-lapse video recording.

Portrait photography is also very enjoyable. realme 8 Pro comes with three iconic filters: Neon Portrait, Dynamic Portrait and Artificial Intelligence Color Portrait, which make every portrait a trend, resulting in unique photos.

The selfie camera will do the job, too. This Sony-signed camera, which can take 16 megapixel images with an aperture of F2.45, allows you to take bright and clear photos without flash. AI-Beautification mode also adds color to selfies and takes the most appropriate shot according to the user’s gender and facial features, and natural images can be obtained.

realme GT and realme 8 Pro review

You will also love the dual view mode. While you can shoot videos using the front and rear cameras together, you can also express your creativity with this mode.

As a result, realme has taken care of different needs with these phone models. While Realme GT draws attention with its speed, realme 8 Pro is also very ambitious on the camera side and shows us that there is no limit to what can be done in this area.

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