Sony WF-C500 wireless headphones leaked ahead of promotion

One of the most important companies in the wireless headphone market Sonyis developing a new model. This time Sony WF-C500 is coming.

According to the leak, it looks like it will be launched very soon. Sony WF-C500, one of the latest wireless earbuds crafted in in-ear form. The model, which has IPX4 certificate, that is suitable for sports, can offer a battery life of 10 hours normally and 20 hours with the reservoir, as far as is reported.

Headphones and slightly oversized WF-C500, in many models of Sony 360 Reality Audio It has sound support and can be used alone if desired. The headset, which is only available in black for now, but has a total of four different colors, is not exactly clear, but it probably also has ANC feature.

While the headset is compatible with both iOS and Android, its price is 80 dollars located at the level. However, it should be noted that this is not certain. The price may be different.


Sony SRS-NB10 attracted attention before Sony WF-C500

You can see its design and place of use directly in the photo above. Sony SRS-NB10, especially those who frequently use Bluetooth speakers to remember attract the attention of cyclists It had been an option. The product, which communicates with devices via Bluetooth 5.1, can be connected to two different devices at the same time and was introduced in two different colors.

Rechargeable via USB-C and fully charged Able to work for 20 hours The product carries SBC and AAC support as announced.

The speaker, which is said to have very high sound quality, does not cause a problem even if it is plugged in during the day because it is light (113 grams). The option, which is not affected by light rain with IPX4 certification, includes two microphones.

Helped by a special technology here Sony SRS-NB10, thus bringing clear phone calls. This support again seems to be very pleasing to cyclists. The announced foreign sales price of the speaker 150 dollars level.

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