The age of IoT begins in the manufacturing industry


KoçDigital opens Platform360, Turkey’s leading IoT management platform, to the service of all companies, large or small, over the cloud. KoçDigital, a wholly owned subsidiary of KoçSistem, offers Platform360 shared over the KoçSistem Maximus Cloud infrastructure. KoçDigital opens the infrastructure, license, application and storage space that businesses need in their IoT projects for shared use without purchasing them. Thus, large companies and SMEs can move their production to the cloud without the initial investment cost with Platform360 Cloud.

The new KoçDigital Platform360 Cloud not only provides lower entry and usage costs to companies with projects in the field of the Internet of Things, but also paves the way for faster commissioning of IoT projects thanks to its strong infrastructure. While businesses reduce their costs by digitizing their production end-to-end, monitoring them from anywhere and managing them from a single point; increasing their productivity. In addition, KoçDigital offers Platform360 IoT cloud services free of charge to its new customers for the first three months.

Noting that all companies, large and small, are struggling to transform into the digital structures of the future in the face of the uncertainties of the global economy, KoçDigital Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Akarca said the following about KoçDigital Platform360 cloud services: We are proud to present it to the service of all of Turkey. Platform360, which has made significant progress in the manufacturing sector with its numerous success stories in sectors such as durable consumption, automotive, energy, production and mining, is now preparing to increase the efficiency of enterprises’ IoT projects with its shared services over the cloud. Platform360 cloud services, which will be the digital lifeblood of companies, can now be used effectively to monitor, secure and improve product quality by digitizing their production processes. Especially large-scale companies can access these advantages faster through Platform360, while the digital value and competitiveness of institutions on a global scale increase with the opportunities provided by the platform. Platform360 offers an important opportunity for businesses of all sizes to remotely manage their existing production environments and improve their production lines. Large, medium or small businesses of all sizes in an effort to adapt to global competition will now be able to move faster with Platform360 Cloud’s competent management capabilities to digitize their production processes.”

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